Nan Desu Kan 26 - September 1-3, 2023 - Gaylord Resort & Convention Center - Aurora, CO

NDK: Anime, Friendship, & Community

Welcome to Nan Desu Kan, a 3-Day Japanese Culture Convention! Join us at the beautiful Gaylord Rockies Resort to experience traditional Japanese Arts, Anime, Cosplay, Gaming, Shopping, Music, Dance, Voice Actors, Competitions, Charity, and so much more! NDK. Be You! A place of Friendship, Anime, and Community since 1997. Join us September 1-3, 2023 for our 26th Anniversary!

Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center Aurora, CO 

NDK: Yokoso!

Immerse yourself in a Cultural Experience! Watch Anime in our video rooms. Enjoy Traditional Japanese Arts and other Programming sponsored by the Japanese Consulate. Try the Pachinko Parlor or other Japanese Games. Browse the Art Gallery and Model show. Shop for vintage kimono and other authentic imports in our Exhibitors Hall. NDK. Be You! A place of Friendship, Anime, and Community since 1997.

NDK: We Cosplay!

Enjoy the beauty and pageantry of Cosplay! Explore over 20 hours of programming dedicated to sewing, crafting, and armor making. Enter our Cosplay Contest for a chance to win prizes totaling over $4,000 and awards for craftsmanship. Use the Cosplay Triage Room for on-site costume repairs. Reserve times at our photoshoot locations. NDK. Be You! A place of Friendship, Anime, and Community since 1997.

NDK: We Got Game!

Get your Game on at NDK with over 20,000 sq ft of Arcade, Console, and Tabletop gaming space. Compete in video game tournaments with cash prizes. Spare time? Spend it in our 24 hour video game room or try any of the 30+ Japanese Arcade machines availible. Check out the Guest GMs and Guest Game Designers. Explore the Pachinko Parlor and the vintage arcade machines. NDK. Be You! A place of Friendship, Anime, and Community since 1997.

2023 Schedule, Map, and Program Book!

The time is here!  Download your Digital copies of the 2023 Event Schedule, Map, and Program Book now! 2023 Schedule (PDF Download) (XLSX Download) 2023 Panel Planner (use this to help track your schedule) (PDF Download) 2023 Map (PDF Download) 2023 Program Book (PDF...

Hotel Link 2023!

The link for booking hotel reservations will be going live on February 23, 2023. An approximate time will be shared on Social Media channels when closer to the date. All information on the hotel reservations is available on the hotel page of our website.