A letter from the Executive Director to our dear Cosplay Community members,

Though most of us have never met face to face, I have always been a big admirer of you all. Your passion and creativity always surprise me, and your beautiful costumes have awed me throughout the years. Many of you may not know me, but I have been the Executive Director of NDK for the past 12 years. During my time, I have been fascinated as I watched the NDK Cosplay scene grow and blossom to new levels of excellence and originality. It has been a complete privilege having you as part of NDK’s community.

Over the past few years though, I feel that we have been out of sync. Many of the lovely familiar faces that used to grace our Cosplay Competition have not appeared as frequently, and it feels like a divide has opened up between the convention and you all. I understand that some of you feel excluded, and unheard by us, and that we may have even alienated some of you. This is not what NDK is about, so I have spent the past few months doing a little research. As many of you know, we have started a cosplay outreach program to open a dialogue between NDK management and the cosplay community at large. We have asked your thoughts and opinions on what at NDK can do to better fit the needs and desires of our cosplay community.

So, with your feedback firmly in mind, I am happy to announce the following changes.

1. Effective immediately, Shareece Tatum will be joining us as the Co-Area Head of our Cosplay Competition, along with our current head of Cosplay, Becca Cressler. She has been a long-time member in our Cosplay community, and has been integral to our Cosplay Outreach program. Shareece is dedicated to our vision of transforming NDK’s Cosplay Competition to better suit the needs of our community, and we are excited to have her with us.
2. We are changing our prizes for the NDK Cosplay Competition, now offering over $3,000 in prizes to the winners in all categories.
3. We are re-designing the award structure and our categories to balance the importance of Craftsmanship and Presentation.
4. We are introducing a new Spirit award in each category to the person who shows the most heart, both on and off the stage.
5. We will provide a space for a Pre-NDK Cosplay meetup the night of Thursday before NDK.
6. As you may have seen on our website and FaceBook page, we are bringing in more Cosplay guests to provide quality programming for our Cosplay Community.

Over the next week or so, we will be releasing more details of how we are changing our competition, and we hope you all love the adjustments. But our commitment won’t stop there; we are already looking into more changes for future years of NDK. So please- give us your feedback! We will take any sincere and reasonable requests under serious consideration. At NDK, we wish to have an excellent competition that fits the needs of our community in all the different facets that makes cosplay beautiful. We want to know all of you better, and build a lasting friendship for many years to come.

Amanda Liebermann
Executive Director, Nan Desu Kan