NDK is proud to be a NonProfit organization made up of over 250 Volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and identities.  We welcome anyone who wants to join us to make NDK a great place to be.  We have many volunteer opportunities available in several NDK departments that allow time to enjoy the NDK experience and still lend a helping hand. Volunteering is also a path to join NDK’s Staff, depending on your availability, skill set and interest level.

What do you get for being a NDK Volunteer?

4 hours of Volunteering  =  1 NDK Volunteer Crew Sticker & Commemorative Art Postcard

8 Hours of Volunteer time = Lanyard from our Merchandise booth + NDK Volunteer Crew Sticker + Art Postcard

12 Hours of Volunteer time =  A nifty NDK Volunteer Crew Tumbler  + Lanyard + Sticker + Postcard

16 Hours of Volunteer time  =  All of the Swag listed above AND you get your badge refunded!

Volunteers can work as much or as little as they like at the convention, so if you have a few extra hours, come on by our Volunteer Desk located in front of Ops and volunteer!

If you are interested to sign up before the convention, please email [email protected] and sign up today!