Costumes & Dress Code

NDK Minimum Costumes & Dress Code Info Graphic

NDK Minimum Costumes & Dress Code Info Graphic (c) Copyright NDK/RMAA


Coming to NDK? Yay, we’re happy to see you! Just read this first. Costumes are fun, and we want everyone to enjoy their time at NDK. However, please remember we’re an all-ages convention! Think of it this way: we do not want our younger attendees learning about the ‘birds and the bees’ from a scantily-clad cosplayer.

For everyone’s comfort and enjoyment, please adhere to the dress code (costume or no costume), or you will be asked to leave.  Final approval of all props, weapons and dress are up to the Ops staff.


  • No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service: This is the hotel’s policy. Plus, it’s safer for your feet.
  • Upper Body Coverage: All persons must have 60% of both sides of their chests covered. In the interest of fairness, this applies to everyone. Showing your exposed abdomen is just fine! We’re talking about the top of your torso, not the bottom (where your belly button is). Bare backs are also okay.
  • There will be no ‘underboob’, and no ‘side boob’ allowed at all. If we look at you from the side and are able to see less than 60% or inside your clothing, you need to put something else on. Additionally, if you’re walking and your top covering flies open, you need to secure the opening over your chest (ie: no swinging Aladdin vests or capes which do not have 60% front upper body coverage).
  • Dramatically plunging necklines which reveal side cleavage or underboob are not allowed. (Otherwise, they’re fine.) For example, cosplaying as Gunner Yuna? That is fine, as long as you use a flesh-colored panel or double-sided garment tape to avoid your clothes popping open. Please note: the convention will not provide you with garment tape.
  • The graphic on the right is a broad example of the requirements. The 60% coverage will vary depending on your personal chest size.
  • Bottom Covering: The minimum for everyone is shorts or a skirt, which must completely cover your behind (no cheeks hanging out). If we can see what type of underwear you’re wearing, you need to cover up. If we can see you have no underwear on, you need to cover up. Prefer a leotard? If it does not show any cheeks, it’s fine.
  • Mesh, Fishnet and See-Through Clothing: If you choose to wear see-through clothing, you must still wear the minimum requirement of coverage underneath it. If we can see through your clothes to your body parts, you will be asked to change. Also, no lingerie costumes are allowed.
  • Nudity, even the illusion of such, is strictly forbidden in both the halls and Costume Contest. This does not mean you can’t wear flesh-toned and/or opaque clothing to cover areas, but do not make them anatomically correct. In other words, don’t draw on any pink bits!
  • If you have to pull down or constantly adjust your costume to maintain basic requirements, you’re not wearing enough.
  • There will be no removing of articles of clothing for pictures or during the Costume Contest. If you need to have any sort of extra covering to adhere to the guidelines, it must stay on during the entire convention.


demo of props

  • You should not have any attached costume pieces which extend more than 1 foot from your body at your feet, arms or back. This is for the safety of others, the halls are crowded! If you have tall headgear, hoop skirts or furry giant bodysuits, you’re probably fine. Just ask yourself: can someone seriously hurt or puncture themselves on something (spikes, etc) or trip over something (fabric, a tail) you’re wearing, even without you knowing about it? If the answer is no (such as plushy), you’re fine.
  • That does NOT mean you can’t carry giant (foam) bazookas, hammers, etc which are larger than one foot. That refers to items attached to you as part of your costume!
  • Wings should extend no more than 2 feet away from the body. If your wings are retractable, please keep them collapsed until you are outside of the hotel, or have plenty of space.
  • No signs are allowed at the convention under any circumstances, even if it relates to your character.
  • Metal handcuffs, leashes and chains over 6 inches long are strictly prohibited. There have been way too many incidents of someone being clotheslined or choked because of leashes.
  • No metal bats, no stop signs, no pipes, large wrenches or shovels. If it’s metal, longer than 12 inches and/or you could seriously hurt someone by swinging it, it isn’t allowed.