Charity Games and Fortunes


Traditional Charity Games

At NYE, we offer a small range of traditional games to help support our charity of choice. The games are inspired by what you may find at a traditional festival, so try your hand a help contribute to a good cause!

Omikuji (written oracle/fortune)
Make a wish for the new year for $1. Write a good luck fortune for yourself or a loved one and tie it to the NDK Tree of Luck.

Kingyo-sukui (goldfish scooping)
We’ll have different scoops with varying levels of difficulty, plus American and Japanese candy prizes.

Each attempt will be $1 each (or, three tries at each game for $5). Cash is preferred, but credit card donations directly to the charity can also be arranged.

The Ugly Tie Tree

We have cultivated a very rare tree (artificum ugliti) to help anyone who forgot or otherwise needs a tie to meet dress code.  Simply make a donation to charity, and you can harvest a tie from this tree. You can either shoot a bow and arrow to let the fates pick your tie, or make a larger donation to pick a tie of your choice.