Video Rooms

At NDK, we have two video rooms running anime nearly non-stop from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening. We try to show a good mix of anime so everyone will find something they want to watch throughout the weekend. The video rooms also host a number of special events over the course of the convention.

We also are proud to continue the tradition of our Asian Cinema room featuring all sorts of live action comedy and drama. It is a great place to relax and discover new shows from different countries.


To ensure that everyone has the best experience possible in the anime rooms, we have a few rules that we ask everyone to follow:

  • Be respectful. Please don’t talk while the anime is playing. You might be the sharpest wit this side of Oscar Wilde but the other attendees want to listen to the anime, not your running commentary on what’s playing.
  • No food or drink allowed. We use plenty of electronic equipment that doesn’t mix well with crumbs or liquids. Please finish that ramune and pocky before coming in.
  • Don’t stand in the doorway. If you want to see what’s on, come into the room and pull up a chair, even if it’s only for a minute. We won’t yell at you if you don’t decide to stay. Just please don’t block other people from coming into or going out of the room.
  • No unattended children. If your child is young enough to need a babysitter, they’re too young to be left alone in a video room. Please be responsible with your children.
  • No sleeping. The video rooms are not hotel room surrogates. If you’re sleeping, we’ll try to wake you up. If you don’t wake up, we’ll call security.

Lastly, we understand that not everyone likes subtitles and that some people can’t stand dubs. We show both so everyone has something to enjoy during the con, but we can’t switch from the scheduled dub to subtitles (or vice versa) just because someone asks. Sorry.