Sign-up for Artists Alley

Interested in being a part of Artists Alley at NDK 2019?  Please read all the information below, as well as the FAQs and rules before submitting your form.

Signup for 2019 live!  Before scrolling directly to the form, please read the following:

Deadlines for Submission:

March 4th: Sign up begins
March 31st: Sign up ends
April 21st: Confirmation emails for AA and the waitlist go out
April 28th:  All table winners must be preregistered before this date
May 13th: Contracts will be emailed out
June 23rd: Contracts must be in before this date or you will lose your table spot

Concerning the submission process:

  • If you try to email in your application instead of using the form it will not be counted.
  •  You will need at least one reference image for each type of product you wish to sell.
  • Make sure to fill in the box under photo links asking you to name the series, anime, game, manga, or what your art or craft item is from. If it is an original creation, please note that instead.
  • If you are having trouble with the submission form let us know immediately, DO NOT wait until the last minute or until after signup is over.
  • Special requests for extra space, large groups, area placement requests, and use of outlets must be made when you apply. If you do not make your special requests at signup we may not be able to fill them.
  • All table winners must be pre-registered before April 28th, 2019. You will lose your table space if you’re not. If you’re one of the Vote contest winners, email Yuki with your name and registration information to secure your table spot.
  • Groups may only apply once, anyone found submitting a group application with different members as the sender and the others listed as co-applicants will be disqualified.

Wait Lists:

  • There are two wait-lists, one for if space opens up before the con, and the other is for the last minute wait-list. Sometimes people cancel just days before the convention and some, that without a word, just never show; the last minute wait-list is for these instances. You may apply for both wait-lists if you wish but the last minute wait-list is only for those who plan on attending already and have preregistered for a badge.
  • If you make the last minute wait-list you will be contacted once pre-reg closes to see if you’re still interested and to be on the list. If you are, you will be contacted in the event a spot opens between the closing of pre-reg and the second day of the con. Please note that this is not a guaranteed spot; just a chance to fill a spot in case of a vacancy. If you’re applying for the last minute you should already be preregistered as an attendee.

Table Spaces:

  • Half table spaces come only come with one chair and the space allotted is 3×3. We can squeeze a second chair in if requested but no more. If a half table group spills over into their neighbors area we will have to ask said group to condense both product and personnel down accordingly.
  • Single table spaces come with 2 chairs and we often see groups at these tables. These are available for new and returning artists alike.
  •  The 1.5 table spaces are very limited and come with 3-4 chairs. These are available for returning artists only.
  • Requesting an extra chair means only one chair. If you need more, request more.
  • You can request a certain spot in AA, and you can request extra space but it is very limited.

Artists Alley Signups for 2019 are closed.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a request!