Panels @ NDK

Did you know that the majority of NDK’s panels are created by our attendees? It’s true!

While NDK has panels from our invited Guests and Industry folks, most of the content in our panel rooms comes from the folks that attend NDK every year!

Open: April 4th, 2022

Close: July 16, 2022

Guest Panels can include traditional Q&A sessions, Voice Actors  talking about upcoming series, or sneak peaks from our friends at the production studios.  But! We at NDK like to know what our guests are really excited to talk about. So you will see offerings from our guests that may include their personal passions as well!


Attendee Panels have touched on many topics related to anime fandom over the years. Some of our past topics have included: tutorials about how to improve your costumes, roundtables about your favorite series of anime, panels for the LGBTQ+ community, panels on how internet and piracy affect the anime industry, exploring parts of Japanese culture, swap meets, sing along’s, and much more.


Do you have an awesome idea for a panel?

Great! We would love to hear from you.


View the Panel Guidelines below.


Submit your panel idea using the Form below the Panel Guidelines!

Panel Signup Process

Interested in running a panel at NDK?  Please see the Panel Guidelines section below, followed by the Panel Signup Page.

Panel Guidelines

Our Events department needs your panels! Every year, we at NDK do our best to showcase the wide and varied interests of the NDK community. The great majority of our panels are brought by our attendees, and we want to know what you have to share with us! Previous panels at NDK have included Q&A, roundtable discussion, traditional talk panels, interactive arts and crafts workshops, and more.  If you have an idea or are interested in putting on a panel, we would love to hear from you! Please read through the panelist guidelines and submit your proposals via the form below.


  • All panels must be relevant to NDK and RMAA’s mission statement. This means panels need to be related to topics such as: Japanese music and culture, anime/animation, manga/comics, video games, AMVs, cosplay, art, or crafts. 
  • Panels at NDK may not promote illegal topics such as drug use, underage drinking and smoking. The discussion of these topics is limited to education about the dangers and damage these actions can cause to the community, the fandom, the culture and business.
  • Topics such as politics or religion may not be discussed, with the exception of analyzing their impact on the community, the fandom, the culture and business. Nan Desu Kan’s non-profit charter prohibits both us and our panelists from promoting any political agendas, ideals, or opinions, or taking any stances on religion. 
  • Slander is not permitted during a panel under any circumstances. Panelists may express their personal opinions during their events, but they may not attack the character of either individuals or groups of people at any time. While we do recognize that some cultural and historical topics may be sensitive in nature, NDK values and strives to protect the diversity of it’s attendees and staff, and does not tolerate hate-speech or defamation of any kind.
  • Before 9:00 PM, all panels must be family-friendly. This means that language, topic, imagery and all other materials must be suitable for an audience of all ages.

18+ Panels

  • Panels discussing adult topics such as hentai, are strictly scheduled after 9:00 PM. If you’d like to run an 18+ panel, please mark as such when submitting your panel so we can properly schedule you.
  • The display of hentai and other sexually explicit material is not permitted at any time. NDK’s Nonprofit charter guidelines allow only the discussion of adult content, and not the graphical depiction of it. 


  • NDK has a strict no-bootleg policy. We do not permit the use or display of such items during our events except when using them to educate attendees about bootlegs (Eg: how to identify and avoid them). Discussion of how to obtain bootlegs or illegal copies is not permitted. This restriction includes fansubs, scanlations and the improper use of emulators and ROMs. 


  • If a panelist violates any of the above content guidelines, NDK staff may provide a warning, and/or end the panel immediately. Panelists whose panel is ended early will not receive compensation for any completed panel time. Additionally, NDK retains the right to revoke a panelists’ badge if a panelist violates any of NDK’s convention rules.



  • Time slots are for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. Due to the need to clear, reset and load rooms, the actual time available to present is 10 minutes less. (50, 80, or 110 minutes).
  • Panelists are expected to show up 5 minutes prior to the start of their panel, and end their panel 5 minutes before the end of their panel time. This allows for a smooth transition between each panel and allows staff to clear the room between panels, giving all attendees an equal chance of seeing each panel
  • We understand that unexpected things happen, and that you may find yourself unable to make it to NDK.  If that happens, please inform NDK programming staff at [email protected] as soon as possible.  With enough notice, we can make schedule adjustments to maximize our offerings for attendees and try to fill that space. 
  • If you do not inform us that you will not be able to run your panel 15 days before con, or fail to show for your panel during the convention, we may ban you from running panels at NDK in the future.
  • Panels are scheduled according to several different criteria, and we do our best to honor any special requests. If there is a specific time you’ll be unavailable, or if there is an event that you’d like to attend (Eg: You’re also in the cosplay competition), let us know. We’ll do our best to work with you, but sadly we’re unable to honor every request.

 Panelist Check In

Once you’ve picked up your badge, please check in with us at the Panel check-in desk, so we know you’re onsite. If something happens at con and you’re unable to run your panel, please let us know as soon as possible by visiting the panelist check-in desk. 



  • Every panel room at NDK comes with a standard AV setup. One projector, screen, a minimum of four (4) microphones, and a PA system will be present in each room for panelist use. 
  • In a change from previous years, ONLY HDMI connections will be provided to the projector. Additionally, 3.5mm stereo jacks (a standard headphone plug) will be provided to connect to the sound system in each room.
  • Organizers and panelists are expected to provide their own laptops and adapters. While NDK may have some adapters on site, we are unable to guarantee that we’ll have the exact one you need.



It is each panelist’s responsibility to purchase their own badges for NDK.

To thank you for providing a panel, each panelist  and 1 (one) co-host will receive compensation for their time. For every 30 minutes of panel time, NDK will provide a voucher worth $5.00 towards next year’s admission or NDK merch.  These vouchers can be collected after all panels have been run at the panel table. Vouchers for next year’s admission will be issued in the form of a discount code that can be applied when registering at



Nan Desu Kan accepts no responsibility for the content of panels hosted by its attendees. NDK does not extend any form of legal protection to panelists. Panelists are wholly responsible for the content presented in their panels.


Panel Signup Form

Panel submissions are closed for NDK 2022

Thank you for your interest in running a panel (or other activity) at Nan Desu Kan. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal!

(General information below- the deadline to submit a panel has passed!)

Please take this time to go read the Panel Guidelines (above). All prospective panelists must read and understand these guidelines before they submit proposals. Failure to understand the guidelines could result in the rejection of your proposal.

If you aren’t prepared to submit a detailed proposal just yet, please take your time to flesh out your panel idea. We’d rather see a strong proposal later on than a weak one earlier on.

The deadline to submit the detailed proposal for your panel is,  July 16 at 11:59 PM MDT (Date subject to change). This form will be disabled after that time and all panels not submitted by that point will be rejected without exception. We cannot accept panels from panelists who are not registered for the convention. Please make sure you’re registered before submitting your panel.

If you’ve read the Panel Guidelines (above), fleshed out your panel idea, and are ready to submit a detailed proposal, please use the form below.