The Gaming Dojo and Live Gaming

The Gaming Dojo: Japanese-Themed Tabletop Gaming

Have you ever seen games like Shogi or Go being played in anime? Have you ever wanted to learn how to play them? Then you should go to The Gaming Dojo. In addition to ancient games with origins from Japan you will also have access to games such as Shogun, Tokido, Edo, King of Tokyo, and others in the same theme.

The Gaming Dojo features special guests, panels, and other tournaments as well! Saturday, our special guest Senda from the podcasts “She’s a Super Geek” and “Panda’s Talking Games”, will be running her one-shot role playing game based on a popular anime about magical girls.

King-Sized King of Tokyo tournament:

Big Finale Saturday night at 7pm.

Qualifying rounds will be running Friday night and Saturday during the day.


Live Gaming

Got time to spare? Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con for a bit, or maybe you’re just a board game junkie? Then why not checkout the Live Gaming room, where you can take a seat and join others in playing a multitude of board and card games with other attendees? With such classics as Uno, Monopoly, Sorry, and Checkers to popular ones like Ticket to Ride, Munchkin, and Carcassonne, you’re guaranteed to find something for everyone and have a great time.