Dance Dance Revolution



We are proud to offer a dedicated DDR and Rhythm Game room for the entire convention weekend!

Presented by Arcadency


Tower Building, Floor 2, Tower Court B

Hours of Operation

Friday 8AM-2AM, Saturday 8AM-2AM, Sunday 8AM-3PM

Hours for tournament:

  • Qualifiers rounds: Friday 2PM-Saturday 9AM
  • Tournament: Saturday 11AM until Saturday 10PM (estimate)

Room Rules

No Shoes = No Play (on the dance machines). We are not liable for injury resulting from failure to follow this rule.

No food or open container drinks near our equipment. Bottled liquids are acceptable.

Consumption of alcohol in our room is forbidden, even if the hotel says its OK.

All rules that apply to NDK apply to our room. Be courteous to other guests!

Rules for the tournament

  1. The tournament is heavy division only
  2. The scores will be determined by the game, DDR Supernova 2, as a function of Marvelous, Perfect, Great, and Good scores
  3. We will be running the qualifier round all day Friday through Saturday at 9am, and the tournament on Saturday 11am and on. Time constraints prevent us from allowing those who didn’t qualify to enter the tournament. If you want to enter, be sure to come Friday or early Saturday so that we can put you on the bracket! All you have to do is get in the free play line, let a staffer know you are qualifying, and we’ll write down your score. The qualifier song will be announced on Friday. AGAIN, If you don’t qualify, you can’t enter the tournament Saturday.
  4. The tournament bracket will be single elimination up until 16 players remain, and double elimination for the remainder, with the seeds for the players determined by their qualifier scores. Each pair of players will play a song of their choice (2 songs for 2 players, each player chooses a song). If the scores are tied, a third song will be chosen at random, to help determine the winner of this round.
  5. If a player is not present at the time their names are called, we will skip their round only once, and play it at the end of the current set of rounds. If this continues to happen, the player not present will automatically lose that round. The show must go on!

Additional Information

For additional information and announcements, visit Arcadency on facebook.