Art Show Rules

Fees & Participation

  • There is no fee for entering artwork.
  • Nan Desu Kan receives a 10% commission from each sale sold through the art show.
  • Participation in the show is open to any member of the convention staff, volunteer, or convention attendee.
  • The Art Show at Nan Desu Kan is first-come, first-serve. Bring your entries early!
  • Check program guide for hours.

Entries & Agent Information

  • Art may only be entered by the artists, or by an agent acting on behalf of the artist.
  • The agent information on the control sheet applies to any person who enters art on behalf of an artist, and/or picks up art on the artist’s behalf. We will not release any art to anyone other than the artists or the agent acting on behalf of the artist listed on the sign-in sheet.
  • The Art Show Staff may ask for your ID (drivers license, state issued ID, passport, etc.) before releasing any artwork or funds to you. Please be ready to present your ID if asked!
  • Any art that is not picked up by either the artist or the agent by 6:00 PM on Sunday will be discarded.

Terms for Entries

  • Themes: Any art with themes in science fiction, horror, fantasy, and anime genres are welcome.
  • Accepted Mediums: Drawing and Sketches; Paintings; CGI or digital; hand-created items including Needle Point, Knitting, Sculpture, Paper Craft, Casting, etc. Photography may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Previous Pieces: Artists are encouraged to submit new pieces each year. As such, there may be a 2 piece restriction for the number of entries displayed or sold at previous NDK Art Shows depending on space and availability.
  • Hardware: The Art Show provides basic hardware to display on panel surfaces. The artist will need to supply any hardware or special apparatus for work that requires special care or display.
  • Display:
    • Flat or 2-D Entries must be mounted on firm backing, framed, matted, or made otherwise suitable for hanging. The Art Show staff has the right to refuse a piece determined unsuitable or unstable for display. For safety reasons, we will not allow submissions that contain glass that cannot be hung with hooks.
    • 3D submissions cannot sit on the floor or lean unsupported against walls.
    • Jewelry should be displayed on cloth or platforms that raise it from the table. You must supply your own display stands.
    • The Art Show staff may grant exceptions for freestanding submissions. Please ask a staff member for details.
  • Prints & Reproductions: Prints and reproductions are accepted, however only one copy of may be displayed for the duration of the show.

Artist Alley

Artists who have bought space in the Artists Alley may display or sell art in the Art Show as long as it meets the above criteria. However, we ask that the art you display is distinct from the pieces sold in the Artists Alley, either in media (such as showing an original versus a print), subject, or size. At least 50% of the art displayed in the Art Show must be for sale if you have space in the Artists Alley.

For more information about reserving space in Artist Alley, see for details.

Space & Availability

Due to limited space, the Art Show Staff reserves the right to limit the number of pieces or limit space based on availibility.

  • Panels / 2-D: Each artist is allowed one 4ft x 4ft panel on which to hang their art, with a maximum of 20 pieces.
  • Tables / 3D: For 3-D art, each artist is allowed a maximum display space of 2ft x 2ft area of a table with a maximum number of 20 pieces.
  • Any large 3-D art pieces that will not fit within the designated space must be approved by the art show staff before the convention.

Swipes & Copyright

A swipe is a reproduction of a copyrighted work without permission of the artist, and is a copyright infringement. This can include copying or tracing official art, fan art, or screen shots. Any piece that is determined to be a swipe or an infringement on copyright will be removed from display and returned to the artist. This policy is effective for both Senior and Junior Artists.

Awards & Prizes

Awards are given for the following Art Show categories: First Place 2-D, First Place 3-D, First Place Junior, Second Place (overall), Third Place (overall), Best in Show, and Happun Award. Best In Show is voted by the convention attendees. Prizes and awards are determined at the convention and may be subject to change from year to year. Judges make a fair attempt to select winners that have not been previously selected (with the exception of Best In Show).

Rated “T” for “Teen”

The Art Show staff reserves the right to refuse any submissions depicting themes that exceeds “TEEN” rating. The ESRB defines “TEEN” rating as “content that is generally suitable for ages 13 and up. May contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, minimal blood, simulated gambling, and/or infrequent use of strong language.”

Selling Your Art

The artist must determine in advance the sale price of each piece. All art for sale must have either a Quick Sale Bid price, a Minimum Bid price, or both. Bids function similar to E-Bay bidding, and are as follows:

  • Quick Bid: This is the “Buy It Now” price you will accept for a piece.
    • Quick bids should be higher in price than the Minimum Bid.
    • Quick Bid prices are not required, especially if you want to encourage higher bids or the chance to go to Live Auction.
    • A piece sold for the Quick Bid is no longer eligible to go to Auction.
    • A piece that has a written bid on the bid sheet is no longer eligible for sale at the Quick Bid price.
    • Quick Bids must be paid for immediately and are generally taken by the buyer right away. However, the Art Show staff encourages the buyer to keep the piece through Sunday morning to still be eligible for the Art Show competition.
  • Minimum Bid: The Minimum Bid price is the lowest amount you are willing to accept for the piece.
    • Minimum Bid pieces will go to the highest bidder at the end of the Silent Auction on Sunday, 10am.
    • Minimum Bid pieces cannot be paid for or picked up before the end of the Silent Auction.
    • Minimum Bid pieces are not guaranteed a place in the Live Auction only those with 3 bids.


Bid prices must be in whole dollar amounts. You cannot change the bid amounts once you have turned in your Art Control Bid Sheet to the staff. The piece displayed in the show must be the exact item you wish to sell, not a representation.

Not For Sale (“NFS”) Artword

You are not required to sell your art for it to be allowed in the art show. Please use the special “NFS” (Not For Sale) entry forms and bid tags for your entries.


  • Damage & Theft: The Art Show staff will safeguard all entries within the best of their ability. NDK also has full security staffed throughout the show to ensure the safety and protection of all convention participants. However, the Art Show staff, Nan Desu Kan, the hotel, and all organizational staff will not be held responsible for any damage or loss.
  • Storage: Room permitting, we will attempt to make room to store any containers or folios used to transport art, only. You must speak with a staff member to obtain permission before doing so. Due to liability, we will not store luggage, food, goods bought at the convention, or any other kind of personal items. Any items that have not been cleared by a staff member will either be discarded or brought to Lost & Found.
  • Handling & Displaying: Convention members are forbidden to touch, manipulate, or move any art work without prior permission from the staff or the artist. The Art Show Staff may handle, move, or reposition art pieces during the Art Show to maximize space for all entries, and to prepare pieces for the Live Action. Our staff are artists and art fans as well, and we take the greatest care to protect the art as much as possible.

If you witness any abuse or violation of these rules, please report the incident to the Art Show Staff immediately.