Anime Music Videos

Anime music videos (or AMVs) are the creations of passionate individuals with an interest in video editing and a love for music and anime. Our annual AMV Contest showcases the amazing skills of our community of editors, and it’s quickly become one of the top AMV contests in the country.

Often imitated but never duplicated, our AMV Contest entries are divided into the following categories:

  • Category X — Best use of artist vision and complex style.
  • Action/Adventure — Best use of movement and pace.
  • Drama/Romance — Best use of emotion and feeling.
  • Comedy/Parody — Best use of well… just simply funny or amusing.
  • Upbeat/Dance — Best use of good feelings and tail feather shaking!

The audience will vote by ballot for their favorite video in each category, along with their choice for best in show video. Best of show awards will also be awarded by the AMV judging staff, and by the attending AMV editors. All of these winners will receive a coveted Asuka award. There will also be a special award presented for the best video using video game footage; this video can be awarded from any category.

Our AMV Contest is very popular and it always fills our huge main events room to capacity, so be sure to get in line early so you can get a good seat! And in case you miss the first showing on Saturday afternoon, we’ll replay the contest on Sunday morning. And finally, be sure to check out the AMV Contest Award Ceremony later on Sunday where we’ll replay the winning videos, and where the winning editors will receive their beautiful Asuka statues.

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