One thing that makes NDK a fun weekend is the sense of community and family that we all share. When you’re at NDK, you’re with people who share your passions, working along with the whole NDK Family to make it a great experience for everyone. Your cooperation and compassion for one another have truly created the cornerstones of how NDK operates. One of these cornerstones is The Golden Rule of the VGR: Pass That Controller. When you’ve had a turn, you pass it to the next person in line to your respect to your fellow convention goers.

For this year’s charity, we have chosen Extra Life. They take video gaming, and the love of community, and turn it to help children in need at the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Join us in passing the controller of life to these children through our donations and purchases at the charity auction.

The charity this year is in honor of Ben Bullock, a long-time beloved staffer member who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Ben Bullock ran our Saturday Rave, and brought his cheer and energy to all he met, whether at the rave, just in the halls, or in the VGR.

Let’s show Extra Life and the children they help just how generous NDK can be. Let us step up and together make those children’s day better, and make Ben proud of us.


Our donors have put up a number of items for you to bid on at the Charity Auction Sunday in Main Events. Please come and bid on them then. Also come take a look at them in person in the Charity Preview Room during the con. We also have donation bins in the Charity Preview Room and the Video Game Room so you can support these children with whatever amount you might wish.

All proceeds from the auction and donation bins go to Extra Life.