Due to the increased reported case rate, rapid transmission rates, and steady rate of hospitalizations, 2022 Nan Desu Kan WILL have a required mask mandate. This will be the exact same criteria as the mask mandate in 2021 which was wildly effective in preventing an outbreak and keeping our attendees, staff, volunteers, and guests safe and healthy.
For more information regarding our mask mandate, please visit our Covid response page on the website http://ndkdenver.org/covid/.
If you are unwilling or unable to wear a mask, you may request a refund for your badge within TWO weeks of this announcement (July 15, 2022) using the form linked here and ONLY this form: https://ndkdenver.org/home/contact-us/ . Requests via social media will not be processed.
Thank you for continuing to help us keep our NDK Family safe and healthy!