NDK Press Policy

Thank you for your interest in Nan Desu Kan, the premier anime convention of the Rockies. We welcome applications from a variety of press outlets to attend and cover the weekend’s festivities. Please review our policies below. To register your outlet to attend NDK, or for any other questions, please contact our Press Department at [email protected]. You may also register on-site at the convention, though .

The number of approved passes per outlet may vary. Generally, veteran outlets will be allotted four (4) passes, while outlets covering NDK for the first time will receive two (2) passes. Larger teams may be approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Press Department. Applications are reviewed annually, and applicants and/or organizations who were approved the previous year may not be approved for this year.

Please note: Press Passes are limited in number. Applying for a Pass does not guarantee one. Additional non-press assistants, stylists, etc, are not eligible for Passes, will not be permitted into Press-only areas and must purchase a regular badge to attend NDK.
Press Qualifications

Returning press outlets are asked to provide a copy of and/or link to your previous coverage of NDK. This will serve as a deciding factor in your approval this year. New outlets will be reviewed based on the basis of their other content.

NDK welcomes a broad range of outlet types as members of the press. Please review the list below to determine whether your organization meets our minimum qualifications. Please note that meeting these qualifications does not guarantee approval of your application.

Traditional Press Outlet

The publication/organization was established before January 1, 2015 and updates quarterly, at the very least.


To qualify for a pass as a credentialed photographer we require additional qualifications and post-convention coverage. For more information details, see our Credentialed Photography Policy.


If you are a freelance DJ/podcaster/writer, please provide copies of your work and/or a letter of introduction on company letterhead, along with your business card. If you have a web presence, please include statistics of your total visits/downloads.


If you are filming for a documentary, submit any clips that you may have completed, a list of completed projects and a letter of introduction on company letterhead stating the purpose of the documentary. Include an official photo identification showing your name and date of birth. Generally speaking, documentaries are rarely, if ever, approved.

News Blogs/Zines

The website was live prior to January 1, 2014, and is updated at least weekly with objective and/or constructive news content. The site covers at least one of the following: Asian culture (reviews, critiques or discussions) or Asian entertainment (Asian anime, cinema, music or movies). You may be asked to provide information on your total visitor statistics, demographics, etc.

Student Journalist/Photographer

Amateur journalists affiliated with student media and/or taking Journalism or Communications classes are welcome. You may be asked to provide information on your school enrollment.

Press Privileges

If approved for a press pass, you and your outlet will be afforded the following:

  • Complimentary weekend pass to NDK.
  • Early admittance to AMV events.*
  • Limited, guaranteed seating to select panels. **
  • Entry into press conferences (if applicable).*
  • Access to the press seating area during special events.
  • Access to the priority photographer pit at concerts (if applicable).
  • Access to post-Cosplay & Costume Contest photo session.
  • Access to private interview and photography areas.
  • Guaranteed access to press seating areas/photo pits if applicable.
  • Photography allowed in the Dealers Room and Artists Alley.***
  • Early entry to the Dealers Room prior to opening for photo purposes.***
  • The chance to request private interviews with our Guests of Honor, as event scheduling allows.*
    Complimentary breakfast at the Press Meet-and-Greet reception on Saturday.

* (Advance signup with Press Department required.)
** (Advance signup with Press Department required. Strictly one person per outlet, first come first served.)
*** (Press members must identify themselves to NDK staff. Photos of specific merchandise require express approval from the dealer or artist.)

On-Site Support

When you arrive at the convention, please pick up your pass at the Press table. Without your Press Pass, you will not have access to the convention. Please wear your Pass in a visible location at all times while conducting Press business. Location of Press table TBD.

Please note: a valid photo ID is required for press badge pickup. For identification purposes, each press member can only pick up their own personal pass. Please report lost or missing passes to the Press table as soon as possible.

The Press table will be staffed throughout the convention to assist you with any questions you may have. Daily one-sheets, schedules, and will be available. Hours of availability will be posted at the table.

If you are on-site on Saturday morning, we invite you to come to the Press Meet-and-Greet reception for a complimentary breakfast. This will give you a chance to fuel up for the day’s events, mingle with your fellow press folks, and receive updates on any schedule changes that might not be listed in the Program Guide. Time and location will be provided as the schedules are finalized.


All general attendee rules apply to members of the press and will be enforced accordingly (with the exception of photography, access privileges, etc., as listed above). Please review the Program Guide for a full list.

Passes are limited and not all applications will be approved. The number of passes issued to an organization is at the discretion of the Press Department.

Members of a press outlet will receive individual consideration and qualification. If it is found that a pass has been requested under false pretenses, passes for that entire organization will not be approved and/or will be revoked.

To ensure the enjoyment and safety of NDK attendees, Guests of Honor, staff, and other credentialed Press, the NDK Press Office reserves the right to revoke any press pass at any time, for any reason. A press member who has their badge revoked will not be permitted to return to NDK in the future, as press or a general attendee. Examples of behavior that may result in badge revocation include but are not limited to:

  • Interfere with attendees’ enjoyment of the convention.
  • Bother a Guest of Honor.
  • Request autographs or sketches outside the normal autograph sessions and/or disobey the directions of Security staff manning autograph lines.
  • Bring non-press general attendees to interviews with Guests of Honor.
  • Bring non-press general attendees into press-only areas without prior permission from the NDK Press Department.
  • Engage in unprofessional and/or inappropriate behavior, as determined by NDK staff.
  • Violate any policy of Nan Desu Kan not otherwise listed.