Every year Nan Desu Kan chooses to support a charity that has a special meaning to us. One thing that brings us together is our shared love of anime characters, characters who have no voice of their own save that which our guests give them. We have other friends with no voice who must rely on others to speak for them, our dear furry friends. This year, we have chosen a charity which helps and speaks for these dear furry friends: the Denver Dumb FriendsLeague.

Denver Dumb Friends League LogoThe Denver Dumb Friends League does more than just speak and advocate for animals. They provide them shelter and care. They help them find new loving homes. They help us care for them as well as strengthening the bonds between them and us. And they have been doing this since their founding in 1910.

The Denver Dumb Friends League accepts all animals brought to them, turning away none and offering a compassionate safety net to all pets and all people. They also will not euthanize healthy animals.

But they cannot do this all on their own. Let us step up and together show them the generous spirit of NDK. Let’s show them the same generosity we have shown in past years to our charities, such as ColoradoFIRST, Stomp Out Bullying, The American Heart Association, and the Japan Red Cross.