Refund/Transfer Policy

Because NDK and NDK NYE are annual events with specific, widely-publicized dates, we do not offer refunds for any reason save cancellation of the event on our part (not yours). We reserve the right to cancel events based on our discretion.

If you're unable to attend NDK but purchased a T-shirt in advance, you can arrange to pick it up at the following year's convention. To do so, you must contact us immediately after NDK—within two (2) days—and again at least six (6) weeks prior to the following year's convention to ensure correct processing. T-shirts not arranged to be picked up the following year are considered forfeit.

However, passes purchased in advance can be transferred to next year's convention, or to other parties.

Badge Transfers

Want to transfer your badge? We'll miss you, but we applaud your generosity. Email us at least four weeks before the convention with your information and the information of the person who's taking your place. If you don't find out in time to let us know before NDK, just send your friend with a copy of your photo ID and a signed letter letting us know you want them to have your badge and we'll let them pick it up. (Please see our Registration FAQ for more information on transferring passes.)

2013 Badge Rollovers

If you pre-registered for NDK 2013 but were unable to make to the convention due to weather, please email us and let us know you'll be rolling your badge over to NDK 2014. We'd prefer you contact us by the end of the year, but definitely need to know before next year's pre-reg cut-off date (8/19/14). We will need your first and last name (and, if possible, the email you used to purchase with) to find you in the system. Once verified, you'll pick up your passes next year at Pre-Registration. Our thoughts are with you and the rest of Colorado as we recover from these historic floods.

NDK NYE-specific policies

By registering online or at the door for NDK NYE, you agree to follow the dress code guidelines for that event. If you are denied admittance into the event for not meeting the dress code requirements, your registration fee will be refunded. NDK will not, however, reimburse any additional costs you may have incurred to attend the event.

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time. We'll update this page if we do and it's your responsibility to be aware of the updated policy when purchasing passes.

Last updated September 19, 2013.