Weapons Policy

There are no exceptions to the following prohibitions:


    • Real Guns: Guns and other firearms are not permitted at Nan Desu Kan or on Sheraton property as per hotel policy. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license. Police will be notified if firearms are brought onto the premises, and you will be banned from the convention permanently.
    • Realistic ammunition and other realistically-colored weapons (ie: grenades): No live or spent ammunition, shells , or explosive incendiary devices.
    • Airsoft and Paintball Guns: Are not allowed intact, no matter what color they are painted and no matter what color the tip is painted. If your weapon shoots anything other than water or foam darts, you will be asked to put it in your car/room. If the internal workings are removed, it has orange tips and it is repainted a non-realistic color (or is clear), they may be used. Please note: in this case, we definitely prefer clear airsoft guns. If the clear airsoft gun also has realistic-colored parts, those must be painted a non-realistic color (unless those are the internal parts, in which case, again, they must be removed entirely).
    • We do allow the use of a small amount of certain metallic ACCENT colors on weapons with a realistic appearance. (However, black, silver and brown colors are still not allowed under any circumstances as the main body color of a realistic weapon. If the weapon is non realistic, any body color is acceptable.) This Accent color MUST be clearly visible as an ACCENT, and cannot be the “Majority” color. Think around 10% of the total surface of the weapon. This is a guideline, and we reserve the right to reject ANY weapon at the convention, if we feel the accent color compromises the standing rules regarding color. (Simply put, if your accent color is determined to be less of an accent and to have overpowered the “base” color, it will be rejected.)
    • Weapons Purchased in the Dealers Room:  If you purchase a realistic weapon from a dealer, you must put it in your car or room immediately and keep it in its original packaging.
    • Prop Guns: Absolutely no metal toy guns of any kind. If your gun is made of a colorful plastic or non-metal (like rubber), it is acceptable. Colorful prop guns which have a realistic shape cannot be painted black or any other realistic metallic color (black, silver, gold, brown, any camouflage color combinations, and any metallic colors, since they make even a plastic weapon look metal). They must still have an orange cap. We should be able to tell your prop gun isn’t real from a 50 foot distance. Black/realistic metallic colors are allowed for guns which don’t have realistic shape. You are highly advised to submit a picture to us in advance of the convention to determine if your prop’s shape is realistic or not. Ops has the final say at-con and will ask you to put your prop gun in the room/car if it fails to adhere to these requirements.
    • Metal Swords and Knives: NO steel or metal blades are allowed. This applies to the Costume Contest, too.


  • Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, etc: permitted, but must be brought to Ops as soon as they come on to the hotel grounds to be peace bonded. If you are caught brandishing it at someone threateningly (so, not simply posing for a photo, that’s fine!) or fighting with it (even if you’re joking around), your badge will be punched, and you will be asked to put it in your room.
  • Bows and Arrows:  Bows and arrows are allowed, however: no tips on the arrows, and all bows must remain unstrung for the entirety of the convention. To have your weapon approved and peace bonded, the bow must be unstrung (tied on one end only). If we see you stringing your bow or nocking an arrow, even for a picture, your badge will be punched and you will be asked to put your bow in your room. This does not pertain to holding the arrow in place while posing for a photo, since there’s either just one end tied or no string which can let fly.
  • Whips: allowed, must be kept on the hip. If we see you swinging it (and not just posed for a photo), we will punch your badge and you will be asked to put it in your room.
  • Mostly non-metal prop weapons: If your prop has a metal handle, or hilt, (ex: a Lightsaber or wooden sword), with a metal hand grip or hilt, this is acceptable. Still NO METAL BLADES OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED.