General Rules

Here’s our crack at the yearly rules. Bear with us and read through them, even if you think you know them already. These exist for the protection of you and everyone else at the convention.


  • Hygiene is a way of life here. Please brush your teeth, bathe, and use plenty of deodorant daily.
  • Food, sleep, and water! Your body and brain require all of these things to function properly, so please stay well-fed, rested, and hydrated. Otherwise you might be meeting our friendly EMS crew—possibly looking up at them from the floor.

Alcohol, Smoking (anything), etc.

  • If you’re 21 or older and wish to imbibe, please drink responsibly. This especially applies to anyone from outside of Colorado. Thanks to the altitude, you’ll be a very cheap date.
  • Colorado has stiff penalties for underage drinking and providing alcohol to minors; so please don’t put yourself in jeopardy!
  • Despite Colorado legalizing marijuana use in private residences, it is still very illegal in the hotel. Do not bring marijuana in any form onto hotel premises. There is a strong possibility that you may be kicked out of the hotel, and therefore out of NDK too. Also note that there is a stiff fine for any person who smokes anything in their sleeping room.
  • For further information on marijuana laws in Colorado:
  • We don’t need other sorts of drugs here at all—they could kill you and the con. If you are caught with any illegal substances, you will be banned from NDK permanently.


  • Be courteous to NDK staff. Many of them work all year long (for free!) to make this convention happen. They work out of love for anime and a wish to share wonderful things with the community. Without them, where would we all be?
  • Be patient. Good things come with time. You may end up in a line; make the most of it. Meet new people. You have something in common with them: you’re stuck in a line for something you both like!
  • Calm does wonders for any situation. Take a deep breath and ask the staff for help if you need it; that’s what we’re here for!
  • Talk to us about your ideas-we love to see what you think about the con! We may even change things because of your suggestions, or at least let you know the reason for the way things are.

Camera Stuff

  • Cameras and video cameras are welcome. Please be aware that you could be captured on film at the con, including by the con itself, as there are various photographers about. By purchasing a ticket to Nan Desu Kan, you agree to be filmed or photographed by the convention.
  • We discourage flash photography since an excess of it causes people to become blind, and it may be banned completely during certain panels at guest request or during the cosplay.
  • Cameras and video cameras are not allowed in the video screening rooms, Dealers room, and the Art and Model Shows.
  • Video cameras are mounted in the Dealers Room to tape activities in the room. By entering, you agree to your image being captured on film.

Hallway Traffic

  • Be aware of what and who is around you, and keep to the right in the halls so on-coming traffic can have the other lane. Remember to stop in a non-traffic area if you need to use your cell phone, talk or do any non-traffic activities.
  • If you are stuck in a line, please stay close to the wall so two lanes of traffic can still pass. You don’t want anyone to trip over you!

Autograph Sessions

  • In order to improve your NDK experience for all Autographs Session we have implemented an Autograph Line Pass system. We think of this as a “virtual line”. Autograph Line Passes are FREE and part of your NDK registration pass.
  • Each autograph session has a set number of autograph line passes. An autograph line pass gives you a 10 minute line window to come back for an autograph session and get into the autograph room.  We do this in order to make your wait in line as short as possible.  Once all passes are given out, no additional individuals will be allowed to enter the autograph rooms.
  • Autograph line passes will be handed out by a member of the NDK Staff over in the Tower across from the Dealers Room. Passes for each autograph session will start to be handed out 1 hour before the scheduled start time of a given session until they are all handed out.
  • Please do not hug, grapple, grip, glomp, paw, try to kiss, or otherwise maul the guests, or you may be removed from the convention altogether.
  • No bootleg items are allowed in the autograph lines. Ask us if you’re not sure, but if you don’t’ have a copyright somewhere on your item, it might not be legit.
  • Please bring only one item per guest to sign, and do not request sketches of guests with lines for their autograph. We want everyone in line to get a chance at an autograph.
  • The line for autographs will be capped and autographs will be stopped at the end of the scheduled autograph time, even if you have an Autograph Line Pass. We allow limited autograph times to save our guests from tendonitis, and the signing sessions must stop at the time scheduled for them to end.
  • There is no guarantee for autographs. This is just a nice extra thing that guests may choose to do, and that the convention makes space and time for. Check the autograph schedule to see who is signing together; we always schedule our guests in groups.

The Hotel

  • Respect all hotel staff.
  • Keep clear of areas marked “Staff Only” or “Employees Only.” Use regular doors for entrances and exits. If the hotel kicks you out for being in a restricted area, you are banished from the con.
  • Pick up and dispose of your trash. By keeping the halls and rooms clean you can help us maintain a good impression on the hotel so they let us come back every year.
  • If you have a hotel room, please respect the others around you and keep it down. If a loud room is disturbing you, please notify the con staff first- we are a little faster.

Nasty Ugly Business (Don’t make us do this, please!)

  • Some things will get you immediately evicted from the con- including violations of state and federal law, and most evictions of this kind are permanent. We wish to keep NDK a safe zone for happy, healthy, and friendly anime life.
  • NDK has a “two strikes ‘n you’re out” policy for lesser problems. This includes but is not limited to: chasing the guests around, harassing the con staff, or anything else that is either borderline dangerous or disturbing. If your badge gets punched for any violation, be on your best behavior; with a second punch, you will be banished from the con!

Parental Notes

NDK is more geared to people over age 13 than under. You have and maintain complete responsibility for, liability for, and control over your children’s actions and what they see in this environment. Late showings may be less suitable for underage patrons, and parental discretion is thoroughly expected- if you choose not to exercise it, it is completely your decision and responsibility. We try to keep all daytime shows acceptable for people under the age of 13 to see in this country. Music Videos in particular are an exception to the PG13 rule and may have some explicit lyrics or flashes of cartoon nudity. Please be aware of this before allowing or accompanying your underage children into this particular event.

The convention allows children age 13 and older to be in the general attendee areas unaccompanied during the daytime hours of the convention. Children found alone under 13 years of age will be requested to point out their parent or guardian. If they are unable to do so fairly quickly, they will be taken to Con Ops and the Police may be brought in. We’re sure you don’t want to spend your weekend speaking with the police, so please keep children not able to make adult-level decisions with you at all times. The convention has no child care personnel, nor does it take any responsibility for such duties. If you lose your child, please come to Con Ops so we can inform our security personnel and call Police if they cannot be located immediately.