General Rules

NDK Policy is for the protection of you and everyone else in the convention. Ignorance of a rule is not an excuse for breaking it.


Harassment and Serious Business
  • Unwanted contact is never okay, and if you are caught doing so, you may be banned from the convention. If you witness or experience unwanted physical or verbal harassment, please tell the staff as soon as possible. Help us keep this convention a safe place to be.
  • Bullying will not be tolerated.  This includes derogatory terms, hate speech, and all manners of verbal abuse.
  • Some things will get you immediately evicted from the con, including violations of state and federal law, and most evictions of this kind are permanent.
  • NDK has a single warning policy for lesser problems. This includes but is not limited to: chasing the guests around, harassing the staff, trashing any part of the hotel, or anything else that is disturbing. Your badge will be punched once to show the warning; a second punch means expulsion.




For Cosplayers:

  • NDK has new photoshoot areas and opportunities. Check out the convention map and mobile guide for more details, and visit Ops for a list of approved photographers for photoshoots!
  • NDK has a new staff of friendly photographers with professional cameras, staff badges, and bright green vests. The photos they take are for NDK’s social media and website, if you choose to participate.
  • While you are at NDK, you may be asked to have your photograph taken by a freelance photographer (a photographer who is not a staff member). It is your choice to agree or decline to have your photo taken.
  • If a freelance photographer behaves in any way that makes you uncomfortable, please see the nearest Staff member. The safety and enjoyment of our attendees is NDK’s first priority.
  • By purchasing a ticket to NDK, you agree to be filmed or photographed by the convention.

**Please note that everyone with a professional-looking camera is NOT an official NDK photographer.**


For Photographers:

  • Did you bring a professional grade camera? Check into Ops! All freelance photographers (anyone carrying a camera larger than a point-and-shoot) must sign a Photography Code of Conduct agreement.
  • All photography equipment must be hand-held. Free standing equipment is not allowed on the convention floor or on hotel property. This includes but is not limited to:  lighting stands, free standing backdrops, large props, and signs. Final approval will be given by NDK Staff.
  • Please make sure all photographs are taken out of the line of traffic! There are a lot of people here, and one quick photo can quickly lead to a clogged hallway.
  • Photos and video are not permitted in the Dealers Room, Artists Alley, Art Gallery, Model Show, or the Video rooms.
  • Are you planning on selling your photos that you are taking at NDK? If so, you need to purchase a Photography Vendor badge at our Registration desk. This will enable you sell the photos that you take at NDK without being stopped by NDK Staff. Please note that any person selling photos or prints without a Photography Vendor badge will be removed from the convention permanently.
  • Marijuana is illegal in the hotel in any form. If you are found with it, you may be banned from the hotel. The hotel may also charge you an immediate $250 fine if your room smells like marijuana. For further information on marijuana laws in Colorado:
  • If you are over 21 and wish to drink, please imbibe with moderation, and remember that altitude can increase its effects on you. Colorado has stiff penalties for underage drinking and providing alcohol to minors; so please don’t put yourself in jeopardy!
  • Hygiene is a way of life here. Please brush your teeth, bathe, and use plenty of deodorant daily.
  • Food, sleep, and water! Your body requires all of these, even if it is NDK weekend.
  • Respect hotel staff and hotel policies. If the hotel kicks you out for breaking their rules, you will be banned from the con.
  • If you have a hotel room, please respect the others around you and keep your volume down.  If a loud room is disturbing you, please notify the Convention Operations staff first: we are faster at responding.
  • Please respect your hotel rooms and don’t cause damage to hotel property. If you vandalize or trash your hotel room, you will be banned from NDK permanently.
  • If you use body paint, please bring your own towels and do not use the hotel towels. If you ruin towels, you will be charged for it, and the hotel may ban you from staying with them again.


Special Needs

NDK is more than a convention: it’s a community of friends here to have fun and enjoy their love of fandom and culture together. We’ve put together a set of guidelines to try and make sure attendees who need a little extra help with seating and lines can get it. Our goal is to make everyone’s weekend more enjoyable and accessible. Please visit our Ops staff for details.

If you have a service dog, hotel policy requires that the dog weigh no more than 50 lbs, and must have accompanying tags and licensure. Owners must be prepared to show proof of licensure upon request of hotel staff.


Autograph Sessions

Please see the Guest Autograph page


Parental Notes:

NDK is more geared to people over age 13 than under.  You have and maintain complete responsibility of, liability for, and control over your children’s actions and what they see in this environment.  If you choose not to exercise that responsibility, it is completely your decision.


NDK allows children age 13 and older to be unaccompanied during daytime hours. Children under the age of 13 found alone will be requested to point out their parent or guardian. If they are unable to do so, they will be taken to Ops and police may be brought in. The convention is not a childcare facility, nor does it take any responsibility for such duties. If you lose your child, please come to Ops so we can inform our security personnel and call police if they cannot be located immediately.

We try to keep all daytime programming acceptable for people under the age of 13. However, certain panels are geared for an older crowd, such as AMVs, our Burlesque show, and anything on stage after 9 pm. We require photo ID for anything that is an 18+ panel, no exceptions.