Anti-Harassment Policy

At NDK, we believe it is important for everyone to respect each other’s personal space, and be kind and tolerant to one another. We believe that every attendee should feel safe, and has the right to enjoy NDK without fear of harassment.

Therefore, we have a zero-tolerance approach: Intentional Physical, Verbal and Sexual Harassment will result in permanent expulsion from the convention.

Verbal harassment includes derogatory terms, hate speech, and all manners of verbal abuse. Hate speech is legally defined as: speech that is intended to insult, offend, or intimidate a person because of some trait (such as race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, veteran status or disability). If you feel as if you’ve experienced harassment, please report it to the nearest NDK staff member immediately.

How To Report:

You may report harassment issues to any staff member directly:

  • Any Staff member you see can be spoken to about a harassment issue.
  • You will be escorted to a safe place, out of convention traffic.
  • The staff member will contact a member of our team who is trained to take statements.


You may also report directly to our Operations Desk at any time:

  • Our operations desk is open 24 hours per day at the convention.
  • We have persons of all identities available to take reports if requested.


You may report issues at any time either during or after the convention:

  • You may use the Contact page, and choose the Security department to speak to one of our Security staff who is trained in taking statements.


Notes on Specific Issues:

NDK cannot legally ban anyone from entering the con premises unless they commit the offense onsite at the convention itself  -OR-  there is a legal restraining order in place. If you have a restraining order in place, and wish to contact us before the convention regarding a concern, you may use our contact form for our security department.

Staff members (including leadership and NDK Directors), Vendors, Photographers, and Guests of Honor are also subject to the Anti-Harassment policy. If it is reported that a Staff member or a Guest has committed harassment, that person in question will be removed from the convention floor immediately, and will remain off the floor until the issue is resolved.  A member of RMAA’s Board of Directors will be directly handling situations of this manner.