Exhibitor’s Hall of NDK!

Welcome to the NDK Exhibitors Hall. We are pleased to present a selection of new and returning dealers for the year. As always, we are proud to endorse a completely bootleg-free Exhibitors Hall. Thank you for your continued support of the anime industry, and for keeping NDK free of bootleg items.

Exhitbor’s Hall Rules

Photography Policies

Please remember that photography is not permitted in the Exhibitors Hall unless you have an official press badge. We do this to keep traffic flow going. If you have a smartphone, please keep the camera turned off. Cameras may be checked at our Prop Check for your convenience.

Exhibtor Hall Theft Policy

Stealing here is no different from stealing anywhere else: police will be called, charges will be pressed, and you will sorely regret it. Also note, we have video cameras active throughout the Exhibitors Hall and by entering you agree to your image being recorded and waive all right to protest this image being used for evidentiary purposes.

If you are unsure where to pay for an item, DO NOT pick it up and wander around looking for a cashier. Find the cashier first, then show them the item you wish to pay for. Please keep your receipts with you and items purchased in their bags while in the Exhibitors Hall; showing your friend or a stranger the item you just bought should be done outside the Exhibitors Hall.

Interested in applying to be a Dealer?