Table Contest

Congratulations to our 2016 table contest winners: Art: ChannelSQUARE,

Art: FrostDelusion, Craft: Charming Little Fox, Mixed: DragonLady Art, Artist Pick: Lemon Penguin, Staff Pick: Sariochan Arts, Grand Prize: Cryptovolans. Thanks to everyone that entered and voted, you made this contest what it is. Winners be sure to apply like normal when registration opens.

The 2017 Artists Alley on-site voting contest takes place on Sunday at NDK from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m so make sure to spread the word!

Note: Incomplete voting slips will not be counted, and ballot stuffing is against the rules. It is one vote per attendee. If ballot stuffing is discovered the artist the votes were for will earn a one year ban from AA. This policy is designed to ensure fairness and to give more people a chance to cast their vote. Once the vote slips are gone the contest is over.


There will be 7 sections for the contest:

  • 4 Tables will be chosen by NDK attendees popular vote from each of

the three categories: 2 Art, Craft, and Mixed. Please note that this prize cannot be awarded in two years back to back. All three winners from each category will be guaranteed a spot for 2018.

  • 1 will be the Artist’s vote. As in past years, an AA staffer will

come around Sunday and pass out voting slips to each artist. Artists mush turn completed voting slips into the AA staff table to cast their ballot instead; do not put them in the voting box. The winner will be guaranteed a spot for 2018; contest winners are eligible for this vote.

  • The Staff Vote: The ballots for this are kept at the AA Staff

table. NDK staff members can stop by at any time during the convention and place their vote. The winner will be guaranteed a spot for 2018; past contest winners are eligible for this vote.

  • Grand Prize: Wins a paid for table for NDK Artists Alley 2018 AND 2 badges.


All table winners must apply for a table just like everyone else during the three-week window artists alley is accepting applications.

Winners are guaranteed a single table provided they meet all deadlines for registering, as well as go through the product approval process.

Winners will not be placed in the lottery unless they are trying for a larger space. Winners are still subject to the same rules and processes as every other artist; winning does not mean all products will be approved.

Winners from all 7 categories will be announced online after the convention.