Understanding Lines at Nan Desu Kan

As any individual who has attended a convention, or large event knows, there will be lines.  There are many different types of lines at NDK, and this guide will hopefully help you out!

Common Lines at NDK

Main Events Line

The Main Events Line is located down the hallway next to the entrance to main events.

Should there be more people who wish to line up then space available, at the Line Control staff’s decision, the Main Events Line will either be closed, or a Main Events “Ticket” will be handed out.

Should a ticket be issued, a time will be given when you should return to get back in line.  Because tickets are issued in groups of 500, we ask that folks hang back in the main lobby, or in other places in the convention while waiting for the time to get back into line.

Onsite and Pre-registration Lines

Onsite and Pre-registration lines are for either getting a daily, or weekend pass for the convention at the doors, or to pickup your pre-purchased badges.

These lines are adjusted throughout the convention, but start at the Registration Desk on the far side of the main convention concourse floor.

Line Control Staff will be available with “End of Line” signs and with information on where to line up.

Dealers Room Line

Located outside of the Dealers Room on the Tower Side of the Hotel, second floor, this area is famous for its “Line Hop”.

Once we run out of space for individuals to line up, we’ll ask people to come back later to try and get into the room.

Panel Rooms

Panel Rooms 1, 2, 3 and 4 line up in various areas!

Lines for Panel Rooms 1 and 2 actually start in the Panel Room Overflow Line area between Main Events and Artists Alley.  As individuals start lining up, they are given a Panel Room Pass for that room, which helps avoid cases of line-skippers and line-jumpers.

Lines for Panel Rooms 3 and 4 start in the same hallway as the panel rooms themselves and face the exit doorways at the far end of the hallway.  As these lines fill up, we’ll start giving out Panel Room Passes for these room, and asking folks to start lining up in the Panel Room Overflow area between Main Events and Artists Alley.

  • Panel Room 1: Line up in Wave A, B then C
  • Panel Room 2: Line up in Wave D, E then F
  • Panel Room 3: Line up outside of Panel Room 3, then Wave G
  • Panel Room 4: Line up next to the Panel Room 3 Line, then Wave H

Autograph Pass Line

Please see our Guest Autograph page for more information!

Elevator Lines

Elevator Lines are ad-hoc.  Individuals will be asked to stand in the Up line or the Down line.

Passes and Tickets for Lines

With so many people in the amount of space we have, most panels and all autograph sessions will be issuing an Autograph Pass or a Line Pass.

Autograph Pass

Please see our Guest Autograph page for more information.

Panel Room Pass

Panel room passes are re-used for each session.  A Panel room pass is handed out for each room after the previous panel goes in, or 1 hour before the start of a panel.  Our Panel rooms have limited spacing, and these passes represent your potential place in this room.  You will still be asked to line up, often near main events depending on the panel room. You will also be brought into the room in the order you lined up in.  Individuals near the end of the line may not make it into the room depending on the number of seats reserved for ADA and guests for that panel.

Panel room passes are also used to avoid cases of line-skippers and line-jumpers.  Please be sure to turn in your pass at the front of the room as you are let in!

Main Events Overflow Ticket

In cases where the line into Main Events gets too large to allow everyone to line up ahead of time, Groups of individuals will be given a color coded ticket to represent their virtual spot in the line.  Groups will then be asked to meet in a different location, and will be brought over as a larger group by Line Control when the line is cleared from the other group.

ADA Badge Line Policy

NDK is more than a convention: it’s a community of friends here to have fun and enjoy their love of fandom and culture together. We’ve put together this set of guidelines to try and make sure attendees who need a little extra help with seating and lines can get it. Our goal is to make everyone’s weekend more enjoyable and accessible. Please visit our Ops staff to obtain an ADA Badge if needed.

Main Events lines: Attendees with ADA Badges go to the front of the line to find seating first.
Dealers Room line: Attendees with ADA Badges go to the front of the line, but do not get access before Dealers Room opening.
Panel Room lines: Everyone, including attendees with ADA Badges, needs to get a panel room pass as described above. When an attendee with an ADA Badge arrives at the panel room, they go to the front of the line to find seating first.Autograph lines: Attendees with ADA Badges get no special privileges for these lines.
Any other NDK line (including elevator lines): Attendees with ADA Badges go to the front of the line.