Credentialed Photography Policy

Given the ubiquity of digital cameras, when anyone with a cell phone can take high-resolution pictures wherever they are, we are required to hold photographers to a higher standard if we are to provide them with a press pass. In addition to the general Press Policy requirements, to qualify for a pass as a credentialed photographer we require additional qualifications and post-convention coverage. This does not refer to non-photojournalist Press outlets using photography to enhance their written, audio or video coverage.

Photographer Qualifications
  • A website hosted on a dedicated domain for your portfolio or gallery.
  • An account on Facebook, Flickr, Instagram or other similar sites is insufficient; an active website for your studio/press organization is still required.
  • Professional grade equipment, in the vein of SLR or DSLR cameras. Point-and-shoot and/or disposable camera owners need not apply.
Post-Con Coverage Requirements

Due to the specific focus on images as your press outlet’s sole content, we require additional written content to be provided with your coverage. This content will be the determining factor in whether your outlet is approved for future conventions. In general, photos must include individual, professionally-written captions. These captions must include, at minimum:

  • Details of the subject (If the subject is a cosplayer, include their name, the character being cosplayed, etc. If the subject is of a panel, event, or wider room, provide context such as the name of the panel, location, etc.).
  • A short but constructive opinion on the subject.
  • Other illustrative comments are also acceptable; details on how costumes were constructed, character background information, descriptions of the surrounding atmosphere, a direct quote from the subject or person in the area, etc.
  • Individual captions are not required for multiple photos of the same individual, but they are certainly welcome.

We recognize that writing these captions is an additional burden of time and effort, but we have found that we must require this in order to justify providing the same access to photographers as to other outlets that by their nature require more in-depth and critical coverage. Thank you for your understanding.

Pictures must be posted with captions to receive consideration for press passes to NDK’s New Year’s Eve ball, or to the following year’s convention. In the event that technical limitations prevent you from applying comments to individual photos, please contact [email protected] to discuss alternatives.

Have you sold or published photos to media outlets? Congratulations, and please let us know! We’d love a copy for our records.