Ryusei Nakao

Ryusei Nakao is a veteran Japanese actor, singer, and voice actor who has worked on hundreds of projects. Born in 1951 in Tokyo, he started dramatic
work at the age of three when he was entered into the children's theater group "Himawari." At the age of five, he made his debut in the cultural
radio drama program "Fuku-chan." He later graduated from Waseda Jitsugyo School.

In 1965 he worked on his first television anime series, playing the role of the main character Jun on "Space Patrol Hopper." He is considered a pioneer
in the field of voice acting for having started working in it so early on. In addition to being a voice actor, in the early 1970s he was in several live-action television dramas.

In 1981, he was one of the founding members of 81 Produce, a talent agency. He also was a founder of 81 Dramatic Company, a theatrical drama group
specializing in musicals, and has performed in and directed many plays. He continues to be involved with 81 Dramatic Company as a sponsor and producer.
He has also worked on radio programs, records, and many music CDs.

Some memorable roles of his include Frieza and Cooler from Dragon Ball Z, Baikinman (Germ Man) from Anpanman, Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach, Rene
D'anclaude from Armitage III, Farfarello from Weiss Kreuz/Knight Hunters, and Kir from Jing: King of Bandits.