Michael Sinterniklaas

We’re excited to welcome Michael back for his second NDK appearance! A 17-year veteran of the anime industry, Michael has been busy voice acting in and directing two new "top secret" original animated series for Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, due to premiere later this year, as well as the second season of Speed Racer for Cartoon Network .

In the world of anime, Michael has been directing Sunrise's new hit Gundam Unicorn, and producing and acting in Funimation's two new Slayers series in the role of Xellos. Michael's other recent acting projects included FUNimation's Eden Of The East and Basara, as well as Viz Media's Naruto, Monster and Bleach. His game credits include Basara and the final boss Orphan in Final Fantasy XIII. Michael also finished up season four of Adult Swim's The Venture Brothers, in which he plays Dean Venture.

Other work fans might recognize include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, G.I. Joe, Kappa Mikey, Yugioh, Shaman King, Freedom, Full Metal Alchemist, The Sky Crawlers, Gao Gai Gar, Kurokami, Pokemon, Samurai 7, D Grey-Man, Berserk, Mushi Shi, Burst Angel, Magic Users Club, Jungle Emperor Leo and Glass Fleet to name but a few.

In the precious few moments Michael finds himself not working, mostly on airplanes, he likes to take in the odd episode of Doctor Who!