Jason and Heather Martin

workingthetableJason P. Martin

Comic book and pinup artist Jason P. Martin began his professional career with Dark Horse Comics in 1994. He has worked for all major comic book companies- Marvel, DC, Image and IDW including titles- Spiderman, X-Men, Battle Chasers, Dirty Pair and many, many more. His career as a pinup artist took off when his work was featured in PSM and Playstation Magazine. Since then Jason has created art for Xbox, numerous videogame magazines, conventions and games, as well as doing concept art design for White Wolf and Green Ronin.  You can see Jason’s artwork on the big screen in Kevin Smith’s 1995 film ‘Mallrats’ and in Simon Pegg’s 2011 movie ‘Paul’.  Jason is currently working as a cover artist for an upcoming series of zombie books. Come meet him in Artist Alley at the MartinArt Studio (formerly Artplaymix) booth!


Heather Martin

Heather attended her first convention in 1996 dressed as Devil Hunter Yohko, and loved it!  Since then she has won several awards for her costume work.  Heather attained Master rank in 1998, and has been a cosplay panelist, guest and judge at conventions throughout the country.  In 2000 she was hired as the official spokesmodel of the comic book and anime distribution company SyCoNet.  Currently Heather creates artwork together with her husband Jason as his colorist, and is an artist in her own right.  She has worked for Sony Entertainment’s videogame department, Marvel, Image, Google, and her color work has appeared in numerous publications worldwide.  Look for Heather at the MartinArt Studio (formerly Artplaymix) booth in Artist Alley!