Jamie Marchi

Raised on a steady diet of Bob Saget, Molière, Christopher Cross and Mentos, Jamie Marchi has been making fresh and acting professionally for a number of years, which, in the interest of national security, shall not be disclosed at this time.

Some of her most popular roles include Witchblade (Masane Amaha), Soul Eater (Liz Thompson), Hetalia (Narrator), Sgt. Frog (Aki Hinata), Spice and Wolf (Chloe), Rin (Mimi), Black Cat (Rinslet Walker), Blassreiter (Amanda Werner), Negima(s) (Haruna), Burst Angel (Meg), Claymore (Helen), One Piece (Miss Valentine), Strike Witches (Shirley), The Tower of Druaga (Fatina), YuYu Hakusho (Juri), Ouran (Chizuru Maihara), Fruits Basket (Motoko Minagawa), FMA (Rick), FMA: Brotherhood (Rebecca, Rick), as well as the unforgettable Miss Polly from Shin Chan. Some of her most recent roles include Rosario + Vampire (Ms. Nekonome), The Sacred Blacksmith (Penelope), Sekirei (Uzume), Sengoku Basara (Matsu), Ga-Rei-Zero (Mei), Baka and Test (Shouko), and Heaven’s Lost Property (Mikako Satsukitane).

Jamie has behind the scene experience writing script adaptations as well as ADR Directing for several shows including Spice and Wolf, Hetalia, Sgt. Frog, Oh! Edo Rocket, Baka and Test, Strike Witches, and Negima?! amongst other “yet to be announced” ridiculously awesome titles.

In her spare time, Jamie enjoys theatre, 80s music, dancing, running, football, spending time with people that don’t suck, anything cheese or Gummi related, making fun of people who are taking long walks on the beach, and generally just being a redhead. Born in Knoxville but never considering herself a Knoxvillian, she now resides in Dallas after majoring in Theater and minoring in clown pottery at the University of Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!).