Atrium Balcony Decorating Contest

Every year, we look forward to seeing what our attendees with atrium balcony rooms come up with. Below are the rules and prizes for the 2013 Atrium Balcony Decorating Contest. Good luck!

Prizes | Balcony Dimensions | Rules


First Place

  • Free hotel room (Friday and Saturday night, check out Sunday)
  • 2 NDK 2014 passes
  • up to 4 NDK NYE 2013 passes

Second Place

  • 1 NDK 2014 pass
  • up to 4 NDK NYE 2013 passes

Third Place

  • up to 4 NDK NYE 2013 passes

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Balcony Dimensions

Railing Width: 152"
Railing Height: 42" (top of railing to floor)
Railing Horizontal Spacing: 30" (between railings)
Railing Vertical Bar Spacing: 5.5"
Balcony Floor "Lip": 8 – 10"
Balcony Floor to Ceiling: 8'
Balcony Depth: 44"
Sprinkler Pipe: takes up 4.5" near front of balcony (may not be obstructed, used for display/hanging/etc)

(Thanks to StarFest!)

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2013 Rules

A) Balcony Displays:

  1. All displays must be appropriate for all ages and must adhere to all rules of the convention as set forth in the program guide. Please no yaoi, yuri, hentai, or other explicit material. If you have any questions about whether your display is appropriate, please ask. If your display is deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to take it down and you shall be disqualified from the contest.
  2. Please no displays that require you to climb out over or on top of the railing to attach or otherwise setup. Please keep your personal safety and the safety of other attendees (whether in your room or below in the atrium) in mind in all designs.
  3. The display should be secured to the railing or free standing. Masking tape is acceptable. Please remember you will be responsible for any damage to property (including hotel) and persons caused by your balcony display.
    • Duct tape, Electrical tape, Packing/Shipping tapes
    • Nails, Screws, Push pins, Tacks
    • Any other material that will damage the walls, floor, or ceiling when securing your display.
  5. You cannot paint, mark, or otherwise permanently alter the railing, ceiling, floor, or walls of the balcony area. No magic markers, glitter pens, or any kind of marker that would damage the decor. Remember that the balcony must be returned to its original state before you check out.
  6. IMPORTANT: You may not attach or otherwise hang displays from the sprinklers in the balcony areas. You will be asked to remove or will have your display removed from the sprinklers for you. Hotel staff has the final word on whether a display is preventing the proper operation of the sprinkler system.
  7. Do not anchor your display to the light fixtures on the balcony. These are not load bearing.
  8. Please make sure your displays/designs are going to be able to stay attached to your balconies with no fear of it coming off and landing in the atrium. You cannot have items hang out into the atrium (over the balcony) if they are not properly secured.
  9. If you are going to dangle or hang items over the railing and out over the atrium, please use materials like fishing line, twine, string, etc to secure items to the railings of the balcony. Please use something more secure than tape/ hooks when hanging items out over the balcony.
  10. Items may not extend/hang/dangle/protrude further than 12 inches in any direction out into the atrium. You will be asked to remove any items not adhering to these guidelines by either hotel staff or NDK staff.
  11. If a part of your display falls off and lands in the atrium, your entry will be disqualified. Again, please think of the safety of all convention goers when securing your display. If the hotel or NDK Staff ask you to remove part or all of your display for safety reasons, you must comply within 60 minutes or your entry shall be disqualified.
  12. The display cannot hang lower than the end of your balcony. It cannot obstruct the the balcony below.
  13. Your entry can only be connected to adjoining balconies if you know your adjoining neighbor, and you have their permission to do so. If you have a display that takes up two (or more) horizontally adjacent balconies you can enter them as one entry.
  14. Special effects, such as lighting, may be used to enhance your display, but they may not interfere with other attendees or the normal operation of the hotel. If you are unsure if your effect will be allowed, please ask. If you are asked to remove an effect by hotel or NDK staff, you must do immediately.
  15. DO NOT USE
    • Fog machines, Dry ice, Misters, anything that creates a fog/mist screen
    • Strobes, Spotlights, and Lasers (unless directed into your own balcony)
    • Loud/distracting music or performances

  16. Performances that impede traffic or affect the flow of any events of the convention space, especially the atrium are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to any performance that causes people to stop and block traffic, but does not include people who are already stopped for things such as event lines.
  17. Music/Sound is allowed as long as it follows the general convention rules for noise in the open convention space and noise in hotel rooms. Please remember you have neighbors, and if it is too loud for them, or too loud for the atrium space, you will be asked to turn it down or turn it off by NDK staff or hotel staff.

  B) Registration:

  1. The Balcony contest is open to both attendees and staff as voting is anonymous and by crowd favorite. Staff atrium balconies wishing to participate may decorate and enter the contest. If they win, they will be compensated with NDK merch coupons of equivalent value to the NDK badges/passes. Staff are still able to win the free hotel room if they win first prize.
  2. Balcony Contest Registration is at the Press/Industry table at the convention (see map in program guide) and begins Friday at Press table open, and ends Saturday at 2pm, during Press table hours. After-hours registration on Friday night will be handled by Operations. Remember, the earlier you sign up, the more time attendees have to see your entry and vote on it.
  3. You must know the people in the horizontally adjacent room(s) that wish to participate with you in the balcony contest. You may link as many rooms as you wish across (not up and down) as long as you know your balcony neighbors and have their permission.
  4. One entry means one prize. If an entry with multiple rooms (horizontally adjacent) registered as one entry wins, you will get one set of prizes (i.e. one free hotel room (Fri and Sat nights), 2 NDK passes, and up to 4 NDK NYE passes), you will not get a set of prizes for each room combined into one entry.
  5. Entrants suspected of registering for an atrium balcony hotel room before the official release of the hotel registration link on the NDK site will be disqualified from the Atrium Balcony Contest with or without prior notice. NDK staff's decision is final.

  C) Voting:

  1. Voting will be all day Saturday and ends Saturday afternoon, at 6pm, before the Costume and Cosplay Contest. Votes will be tallied and announced at the Costume and Cosplay contest before the halftime show. It is not mandatory that participants attend the Costume and Cosplay contest to win. Winners will also be posted at the Press table on Sunday when the Press table opens.
  2. Entrants cannot entice or otherwise solicit votes for or against any entry in the balcony contest, including their own. If you are discovered as soliciting votes for/against entries will be disqualified. Note: Soliciting does not include encouraging attendees to remember to vote or indicating where the voting box is located.
  3. Ballot box will be located in Artists Alley for the duration of Saturday and will be clearly marked as the Balcony Contest Ballot Box.
  4. Votes will only be counted when cast using the provided official NDK ballot paper. Any votes on any other paper or medium will be discarded.
  5. Votes must contain the balcony number of the entry that the attendee wishes to vote for. Any illegible votes will be discarded.
  6. “Ballot stuffing” is prohibited. Any attendee found stuffing the ballot box will be issued a warning and may be susceptible to NDK's two strike policy. Any entrant caught stuffing the ballot box will be disqualified outright.

  D) Prizes/Winning:

  1. Winners chosen Saturday night must provide names for NDK badges and NDK NYE passes at the Press desk before the close of the Press table on Sunday. Winners names will be available at the Press desk on Sunday. Any winners who do not check in with the press desk on Sunday will forfeit their prizes.
  2. Winners chosen Saturday night must provide names and contact information for NDK badges and NDK NYE passes at the Press desk before the close of the Press table on Sunday.
  3. Any winners who do not check in with the press desk before it closes on Sunday morning at 11am will forfeit all prize passes. Failure to check in does not forfeit first prize of two nights (Friday and Saturday) at this year's NDK.

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