2022 Mask Requirement for NDK 

Due to the increasing rates of transmission, and the increasing risks of the new COVID-19 variants, the Rocky Mountain Anime Association (RMAA) Board of Directors is hereby enforcing a MASK REQUIREMENT for all of its upcoming events through 2022. This policy will be changed or cancelled as the ongoing pandemic conditions evolve and CDC/Venue/TriCounty Health/State guidance or public health orders update going forward. Written notice will be given for any future changes to this policy.

The RMAA board will continually monitor and make necessary changes to our events regarding the developing COVID conditions as necessary, even during the event itself if needed.  This action means modifications may be put in place with little notice and attendees and volunteer staff will be expected to comply.  We apologize for the difficulties this may cause, and ask for your patience and understanding as we all adjust to the constantly changing landscape.

We will continually update our existing COVID Status Page (link) and make announcements as changes to our policies and events occur.  Please bookmark this page and visit regularly for the latest information.

What This Mask Requirement Means: RMAA is now requiring all Volunteer Staff, Guests, and Attendees, age 2 and older, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in any indoor setting of contracted event space.  Signs will be placed within the indoor convention space further notifying eveyone of this requirement. Anyone not able to medically tolerate a face covering will be asked to wear the best face PPE suitable for their situation (i.e. face shields). If an alternate style face covering or face shield cannot accomodate your situation, we are sorry, but attending NDK and/or NDK NYE this year will not be possible. Anyone found within indoor convention space not wearing a mask or other suitable face PPE will have their badge punched for the first violation. Upon the second violation, they will be asked to leave the convention space immediately.

The ADA and Face Mask Policies

CDC Guide to Masks

What This Mask Requirement Does Not Mean: By instituting this Mask policy, RMAA is taking action to improve the safety for everyone in the contracted convention space within our control.  Until there is a Gaylord/Marriott or State of Colorado Mask Policy in place, our Mask Policy cannot cover the entire Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center. We can only control the indoor space we “own” during the convention and are unable to enforce our requirements on the rest of the Gaylord common or outdoor space.

This means that even with our Mask Requirement in place, you will still see individuals maskless in the hotel. This environment will cause some confusion, so we want to communicate this clearly from the start. We are anticipating a Venue, County Health, or State policy to be enacted prior to the convention that would remove this complication and make the environment within Gaylord entirely consistent.  For now, we are doing all we can for the indoor areas we control.  

Our Mask Policy Covers:

  • Convention Center Level 2
  • Convention Center Level 1, Spruce 1 & 2 ONLY 

Our Mask Policy Cannot Cover:

  • Convention Center Level 1 (except as noted above)
  • Convention Center Level 3
  • Hotel Registration Area
  • Hotel Grand Lodge
  • Hotel Sleeping Rooms
  • Hotel Restaurants/Shops/Spa
  • Hotel Waterpark/Pools
  • Hotel lawns and other outdoor spaces, including the Aurora Veranda (Itasha Car Show), and the Food Truck area.

Proper Wearing of Masks:

Masks must be worn correctly and consistently for the best protection. Your mouth and nose should be covered at all times, no exceptions. If a mask will not work for you, please use other alternate style face PPE (ie. face shields.) If neither of these options will work for you, please contact NDK registration about refunding or transferring your badge. CDC Guide to Masks (link) Colorado Guide to Masks (link)

Other Considerations:

Photos: Masks must be left on -even for photos- when on the convention floor. When outside of convention floor (see above) masks are highly recommended, but not required. 

Eating and Drinking: Masks are required in all indoor convention space unless you are actively eating or drinking.  When eating and drinking, please use designated eating spaces and practice social distancing.  

Panelists: Panelists may remove masks when actively speaking at a normal volume into a microphone.  Panelists must practice social distance from all attendees and other panelists while speaking. For Panels with multiple speakers, anyone not actively speaking into a microphone needs to wear a mask.

Karaoke and Other Singing Activities: Masks may be taken off for the person actively singing in front of the panel room. Audience members in these panels/events must keep their masks on and remain at least 6 feet from the person singing. 

Dances: Masks must be left on during the Rave and the Jpop dance at all times. We know this is difficult, but due to the high respiratory nature of dancing, we have no choice but to insist upon this measure. 

Cosplay Judging: Social distancing will be implemented in the judging room. Masks will be required for both judges and contestants. Participants will not be docked points for wearing a mask during the judging process. Express consent from the contestants will be asked for close inspections on their entries. All Cosplay Judges will be fully vaccinated. 

Cosplay Greenroom: When inside the cosplay greenroom, all participants will be required to wear full masks and practice social distancing. 

Cosplay Competition: During the Cosplay Competition, participants may choose to take off their masks, but only while actively on the stage. Cosplayers who are participating in the Cosplay Competition will not have points docked for incorporating masks into their costumes. 


CDC recommends that public health practitioners and organizations prioritize prevention strategies for indoor settings. No one strategy is sufficient to prevent transmission, and multiple interventions should be used concurrently to reduce the spread of disease (6). Proven effective strategies against SARS-CoV-2 transmission, beyond vaccination, include using masks consistently and correctly (7,8), maximizing ventilation both through dilution (9,10) and filtration (11) of air, and maintaining physical distance and avoiding crowds (12,13). Basic public health measures such as staying home when sick, handwashing, and regular cleaning of high-touch surfaces should also be encouraged. [Full Text Here]

“Mask-wearing and vaccination are the two most important tools Coloradans can use to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and bring us closer to the end of the pandemic.” covid-19.colorado.gov 

    • Gaylord’s Commitment to Clean
    • What to Expect at the Gaylord
    • Gaylord 5 star Certification
    • Gaylord Ventilation Information:  Every room has an individual fancoil unit, which is an evaporator with chilled/hot water, and they all filter in outside air into the rooms. Every room also has their own MERV 8 filter, and those are inspected and changed every quarter in public spaces, and 3X a year in guest rooms. Each room has its own thermostat as well. The Gaylord’s ventilation system was commissioned for the grand opening in January of 2020, so all air handling equipment is running as designed per ASHRAE standards. This system includes HEPA filters in the kitchen hoods and in other strategic locations throughout the entire property